Why you need a digital expert ?

As a digital marketing specialist, Digipunch develops your online visibility, with a constant focus on performance and results. Passionate and creative, Julie works with you and teaches you how to develop an effective strategy for the development of your digital project.

Digipunch’s mission begins with an analysis of your needs and defining your objectives, this allows us to propose a tailor-made strategy, adapted to your budget.

Digipunch then supports you in setting up the tools that will allow you to get more visitors, more leads, more customers and more ambassadors.

Digital marketing steps : identification of target audiences, implementation of conversion funnel, integration of data collection system, analysis of data collection results,


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Digital Strategy

A digital strategy that is well designed upstream will allow a far better return on investment. Digipunch delivers a pragmatic plan (not just hypothetical slide shows!) a strategy that captures the audience you seek to reach (when, how and where), We ensure using the best practices and channels that the frequency, the message delivered and the appropriate tone of voice is used. We set you up to execute your internal roadmap and a media plan should you have the relevant resources or we help you execute it with Digipunch.

Attract new customers and retain them by analyzing their buying cycle. Learn how to boost their engagement and make them your ambassadors. We develop effective and profitable advertising campaigns on search engines (Google Ads) and on social networks (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads). Digipunch makes a point of honor of ensuring that we carry out a clear analysis of your target audience and ensure all campaigns are relevant to your project.

Social media Ads & SEA

SEO (organic referencing)

Content optimization of your website to ensure you appear at the top of search engine results. Digipunch performs a technical audit of your website and either implements the recommendations for you or helps train you to allow you to develop the improvements yourself. A check-up is carried out three months later to analyze the evolution of your new referencing skills.

Creating a community and ensuring its engagement is now a pillar of digital marketing. Using the right tone and interacting with the right degree of subtility is quite an art. For this reason, Digipunch has an internal expert in social networking and influencing. We build influencer strategies and manage the collaboration with them from A to Z until the expected results are achieved.

Community Management

Analysis & Reporting

Data is an essential part of your potential performance thus data collection and analysis is crucial. Traffic, conversion rate, churn rates, SEO ranking, click rate, etc are all important elements of this data ; ; Digipunch teaches you to read this data and master KPI’s (key performance indicators) independently, with or without a dashboard. Remember your data is a gold mine for building your long-term digital marketing success.

Novice or experienced, entrepreneur, self-employed or employee, whatever your role or experience Digipunch offers support in developing your marketing strategy and support you in your digital transformation. We help you gain confidence and expertise to get your digital project off the ground. We can also train you in particular area of interest: SEO, SEA, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Community Management, etc. so that you gain autonomy. Seeing our customers stand on their own feet is a sign of success for us!

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Digital training and coaching

More than a service,
it is a partnership

Digipunch goes beyond just offering a service to its clients, we create a partnership and a relationship based on trust, agility and efficiency. Digipunch carefully chooses its missions according to what we feel fits with our values and passions.